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Discover Orchid Loop and the reason to launch a modern simplistic vault of free crochet and knit patterns



I have been knitting for as long as I can remember. When I was seven my mom taught me how to knit, it was the newest craft she was taking up and learning herself. I started with an orange scarf... it was dreadful! I put the needles down for years until I graduated from college and was sitting around in my apartment just waiting for the phone to ring for interviews to land my dream job. Who knew then that my dream job could be exactly what I was holding, fascinating, soft textured yarn and needles whipping up the greatest creations.

I have a degree in Biotechnology and work as an Environmental Technician by day; grabbing the needles at night and on weekends and of course holidays.

I love coffee! The darker the roast the better.

My ultimate dream is to ditch it all, live in the woods in a shabby cabin and knit until my heart is content, with my lovely husband of course.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in the beauty of creation with me.

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